Quality - Service - Tradition. Family owned and operated since 1949. Servicing Newcastle, The Hunter Valley, Central & North Coasts for 60 Years.

The story of Rod Scott & Son Pty Ltd

The story of Rod Scott & Son Pty Ltd stretches back to the early 1900's. A young Scottish immigrant set sail from the sunny shores of Glasgow in 1903 to better his family back home by building some of Sydney's early infrastructure. This led to an opportunity to build the Royal Newcastle Hospital. The rest of his family decided it was time to join Rod in Australia and set up in Newcastle. His son also Rod once leaving school joined the workfore at Armstrong and Royce Timber Merchants in Carrington and quickly began working his way up the ladder to then become the General Manager.

In 1949, shortly after World War II, Rod Scott II started his own Timber Merchantant venture and so the story is set. His son returned to Newcastle to attend University and play Rugby with the Students.

It was his involvement and relationship with the local shipwrights that brought about a need to start supplying wooden packaging for the fast growing export market specifically the need to supply packaging for the middle east meat markets that he saw an opportunity to manufacture pallets and boxes.

By the early 1970's the company had a small but hard working workforce that was making pallets by hand. It was not until an invitation to attend the World Pallet Expo in Ottawa, Canada that Rod Scott & Son Pty Ltd saw a need to become the first organisation in Australia to set up an Automatic Pallet assembly line. A close relationship with Viking Engineering in Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA was struck and the first pallet machine installed in Australia began operation in 1989. It still runs to this day.

The business still operating out of ChinChen St, Islington since 1949 acquired the current premises in 1994.

It was only then that the premises could be suitably redeveloped to house the necessary machinery required to efficiently operate a business of this size. Other machinery from the USA, Europe and Australia slowly started to fill the new site and began ramping up production.

At present, Rod Scott & Son Pty Ltd prides itself looking after the pallet and box management of over 200 organisations stretching from Newcastle to the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and North Coasts. Each customer is given our full attention to detail no matter how big or small the job is.

"The lowest price is not always the cheapest, the recollection of quality and service remains long after the price has been forgotten" - Rod Scott II

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Rod Scott II

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Rod Scott III

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Rod Scott IV
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